Less than one in 10 teachers set to use textbooks in most lessons by 2020

The Tes-YouGov findings follow calls from ministers to use textbooks more in class, in line with top-performing nations


Young peoples' rights on social media

In today's increasingly digital world, it’s more important than ever that our young people are able to understand and feel in control of their online rights. But more often than not, they’re not even aware that they even have any.

Protecting teachers' copyright on Tes Resources

Tes is committed to helping support and connect teachers. We are proud to provide a platform that allows teachers to publish resources to share with the education community all around the world. We believe that teachers should have the choice to share freely or be financially rewarded for their time and expertise if they want - this decision is entirely in their hands.

The biggest tech trendsetter you know just may be – your local teacher

As more teachers reinvent their classrooms as blended, personalized learning environments, something else is happening – the nation’s 3.6 million-strong K-12 teaching workforce is becoming a consumer-electronics force capable of shaping new technology trends.

Why Tes is changing

You’ll notice that Tes looks a little different this week. This is an exciting moment as we unveil a new look, a revamped website and a fresh redesign for our magazine.

TES reveals new data highlighting schools’ recruitment issues

The latest TES Teacher Recruitment Index report tracks how successful secondary schools in England have been at recruiting, by subject and region. We found that schools filled a higher proportion of vacant posts during the Easter 2016 period than in any Easter period since 2012. However, the index also highlighted that schools are less happy with the calibre of teaching candidates, down from 79 per cent in 2015 to 71 per cent now. So despite some success with recruitment, there are growing worries this rise is at the expense of teacher quality. What can schools do to help combat the quality issue and attract top talent?

A digital marketplace for everyone, including teachers?

Scaling a two–sided marketplace is among the most daunting tasks for entrepreneurs. It can also be the most rewarding one. It takes time to build both supply and demand, and requires significant volume to drive meaningful revenue and get the fly wheel running. But the barriers are falling—and the implications for education may be profound.

Teaching to Make a Difference

Lord Jim Knight, TES Chief Education Adviser, addressed a full house at the RSA to talk about talent management in schools and how we can better support the learning and development for teachers.

Launching the TES Global Data and Insights Group

Join our new data insiders group for early access to exclusive education data published by TES Global, the publisher of TES (formerly the Times Educational Supplement) and Times Higher Education.

It’s time to transform the way we recruit teachers

By Polly Howden, Product Director at TES Global

My favourite thing about my job is listening to customers, identifying a problem and working with other passionate people to deliver a meaningful and effective solution.